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Why BrandCoaching? To inspire you!

You want to escape the negative spiral or you see more and more other companies making the same offer, whittling away your distinctiveness.

Furthermore, you:

  • Are looking for a different view & inspiration
  • Observe that the new approach demands a different attitude
  • Feel that the business presentation is no longer working for you
  • Suspect change to produce considerable resistance
  • Are looking for a message that is refreshed and newly relevant
  • Find it difficult to express individuality and your core message

  • Still missing ‘the hook’, or the arguments underlining your strengths
  • Need a website that communicates your contribution again
  • All long for a new, coherent and focussed profile
  • Miss passion and drive in dealings with the outside (or inside)
  • Are prepared to invest and are open to new suggestions
  • Are not afraid to display your own profile

Branding well begun…

…is half done. Improve your profiling. You, your project or your company deserves the best, strongest presentation. With added impact. According your strength.

I observe that managers and directors have a need to disconnect ‘thinking’ from immediate action. So as not to get directly sucked into implementation or any obligation and to stay in charge. To formulate ‘the why’ and targets before execution. Because branding, identity and marketing programs have a huge impact on your organization.

As YourBrandCoach I offer professional assistance. In advance. While discussing the best course and smartest way forward. In the preliminary stage when the challenge has been recognized but the questions are still open for discussion. When you are weighing the pros and cons and answering the why, how, what, who and wherefore. Enhancing focus, impact and efficiency along the way.

Re-thinking inspired results

The optimal mix of means and target boils down to just one thing: the concept.

The best concepts come from defining the ultimate summary. The key proposition and message can now be determined. From now on, design and content will reinforce each other. We support you by looking at things, a little different.

As your BrandCoach I mirror your opinion, provide insights, act as a soundboard, stimulate, see the pitfalls, draw out effects and help you stay ahead of possible annoyances in order to avoid unnecessary costs and losing any more time along the road.

We can discuss your ambitions, the situation, the best approach or your plans for a stronger brand. We look at corporate values, marketing, communication, positioning or profiling or e.g. a new website, your corporate story, timing, presentation, costs, effects, existing proposals or your personal expectations. So that you can get going, well prepared, focused, on course and in an appropriate manner.

About me, Peter Leuhof

I thrive by improving your market and Brand acceptation.

To co-create a business presentation that comes from within, from a genuine drive, bearing a piece of tangible identity. An identity that stake holders can actually see, feel, sense, touch and recognise.


  • I think from the perspective of the customer, recipient, consumer or stakeholder.
  • I’m convinced that “you are what you communicate”. An attractive appearance comes from knowing who you are for whom.
  • I appreciate consistency, coherence and congruence. Vision and action aligned (practice what you preach).
  • I enjoy brainstorming. Being able to link ideas to mission, strategy, ambition, situation and your unique identity.
  • My drive to help create a tangible result and unique concept that grabs attention.

You want to know me better? Let’s meet!


The connecting red thread? To establish coherence between your Identity, Branding, Marketing and Communication efforts.

In my 26+ years of work experience, I gained experience from many different angles in the fields of, among others, manufacturing, retail, services, finance, IT, construction, health care and semi government. Use it!


  • Professional business background and education
  • Owner and director of Peetzen bv (since 1998)
    • Formerly employed by AAA NL companies such as Ahold (national B-to-C retail), DSM (international, B-to-B, engineering & industry) and a major leading hospital (regional, G-to-C, health care)
    • As an employee, I promoted from junior account executive to head of the department and Board member for all marketing & communications.
    • Author of: Another State of Mind (Corporate authenticity)
  • Clients in the Netherlands as well as internationally (English)
  • Conceptual, analytical, creative, associative, practical.

The results

Your advantages? Here we go: you will know better what branding contributes to your ambitions. I help you steer, offer ideas and keep you focussed. Expectations become more realistic and I decrease uncertainty. You gain a firmer grip on identity, process and outcome.

I provides on-the-spot tips, ideas and creative solutions for your presentation, profiling, positioning, (internal) communications, identity, image or personal branding.

Furthermore, your brandcoach:

  • Compares your current and target positions
  • Counters ignorance or uncertainty
  • Guards against an ad hoc approach or ‘trial & error’ method
  • Creates awareness of self-value
  • Allows for growing enthusiasm, experience and pride
  • Provides better (internal) instructions and briefings

  • Creates faster (internal) procedures
  • Supports more efficient delegation
  • Works at a clearer (internal) management communication
  • Allows for faster decisions on: theme, image, story, message, slogan, logo
  • Increases pride, motivation, and helps give new perspective (= energy)
  • Acts as a buffer against (well meant) amateur or hobbyist designs or texts

BrandCoaching situations

– A joint venture or new partnership creates a new situation
– There are plans for marketing a new product or service
– People have to join, but there is insufficient support
– Margins decrease and the market is declining
– Research shows that consumers no longer ‘get it’
– Customers no longer see the difference between you and the competition
– Colleagues are unable to summarize the business rationale or pitch
– There is a gap between vision and experience
– Promotions no longer help to convey the message or mission
– A diversity of brands, claims, benefits and UBA’s are not working together
– Creative departments or agencies provide insufficient renewed inspiration
– There is insufficient pride in identity or success
– No one can express what your company contributes to a better world

Woubrechterf 45,
Waddinxveen, 2743 HL


0182 640 667
06 51 82 50 03

For whom and how?

As yourBrandCoach I’m available for owners, MT members, independent professionals, project managers, portfolio managers or executives.

They know that company culture, emotion, tone of voice, appearance, image, reputation and the way you express yourself doing business are essential (at least for 50% imo) for growth, acceptance, profit or success.


  • For boards, associations or councils who want to think in advance about the best approach, about the mandates, impact or support base directed towards members or affiliated professionals
  • Also as a second, your soundboard, a mirror, participating expert or experienced listener
  • For a second opinion or advise during evaluations or at unexpected events
  • As event speaker, writer of short columns or workshop moderator

For a short-stay commitment or intervention, during one or more sessions. Follow-ups, drawing up programs, further research, creative concepts, writing reports or managing processes can be done, but are not my initial BrandCoach viewpoint.

Better that you remain free to proceed at your own pace in a controlled manner (or not).

Feel free to email or call me to make further acquaintance. There is nothing to loose and a world of possibilities to gain.
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